Introducing BitShares.TV

BitShares.TV hosted by Max Wright, is a weekly internet show dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the world of BitShares. The first 3 episodes are online and ready for you to watch right now.

Each episode is designed to give insight to a particular aspect of the BitShares eco system. How BitShares can improve the world we contract, interact, and do business with.

BitShares.TV gives you the inside scoop on the latest developments and allows you to meet the people behind BitShares, from core developers to marketing professionals.

Because different aspects of Bitshares appeal to different folks, Bitshares.TV is a great tool to share with your friends to help them get as excited about BitShares as we are.

And once a BitShares.TV episode sparks a light bulb in someones mind, they are more likely to share it, and get involved… and that is exactly what we want. I hope the TV show will spark enough interest that they understand and get involved in BitShares.

© Daniel Larimer